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01 Nov
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7. How are works, goods and services procured by the State?

The State is governed by fairness, transparency and accountability in its procurement process; open tendering is the norm whilst alternative processes maybe used under certain circumstances. These include:

Restricted tendering may be used – 

  • where Contractors have already been prequalified;
  • where there are time or cost constraints;
  • where there are only a few known suppliers for the required goods, works or services;
  • where the value of works, goods or services is of low value;
  • where the required works, goods or services is of a very complex nature; and
  • Where the cost of the required works, goods or services negates the cost of implementing the open competitive process. 

Direct contracting may be used –

  • where there is only one person or company that can supply the works, goods or services being procured,
  • where there is no reasonable alternative, or in certain cases of urgent need;
  • where emergency procurement is required;
  • where there is a need for the continuation of an existing award/contract
  • based on other Guidelines set by the Agency

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