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24 Aug
By: Abayomi Adeniji 0 0

Are all Agencies of Government bound by the Lagos State Public Procurement Agency Law 2015?

All government entities which derive funds appropriated or proposed to be appropriated for any type of procurement described in this guidelines from Lagos State Consolidated Revenue Fund, Internally Generated Revenue, all grants /funds from donor agencies (where applicable), revolving funds, any funds generated from the Lagos State public on behalf of / through the Lagos State Government etc. are subject to the provisions of the Lagos State Public Procurement Agency Law 2015.

Government entities include but are not limited to all public entities engaged in procurement in the State (Procuring Entities), namely the State Government, Local Government Councils/Development Authority, any public body in the State engaged in procurement, Ministries, Departments, Bureaus, Offices and Agencies of the State, extra-ministerial offices, parastatals and corporations.