PRESS BRIEFING - In Commemoration of The Second Year In Office Of His Excellency

17th May 2017



The activities and operations  of Lagos State Public Procurement Agency has greatly and positively contributed to the rapid development of Lagos State Infrastructure  development and ease of doing the business  in Lagos State within the period of operation of the Agency .

This the statement was made by the Lagos State Head of Service Mrs. Olabowale Ademola during the Ministerial Press briefing in the commemoration of the second year anniversary of Governor Akiwunmi  Ambode administration in Lagos State. According to Head of Service, the Lagos State Public Procurement  Agency  registered a total of 1614 Contractors, Suppliers and Consultants that executed various types of businesses with Lagos State Government.

She stated that, the objective of the Lagos State Public Procurement Agency (PPA), which was established on 22 April, 2012 and which effectively took over the functions of the defunct state Tender Board and State Consultancy Board on 15 April 2014 is to ensure probity, accountability and transparency in Public Procurement in Lagos State. It is further charged with the responsibility of formulating policies and guidelines relating to Public Procurement in Lagos State as well as certifying all procurements prior to during to, during and after the award of contracts. The core value of the Agency is professionalism, transparency, competitiveness, inclusiveness and value for money.

She added that Lagos State Public Procurement Agency has been receiving delegations from other States of Nigeria who visit to under study the implementation of the procurement process in Lagos State for replicating same in their respective States. While the Agency also carried out procurement sensitization campaign on the Public Procurement Law, Practice, Processes and implementation in various Ministries, Departments and Agencies(MDAs), Local Government Area(LGAs) and Local Council Development Areas (LCDAs) across the State, order to create awareness’ on procurement procures and best practices.\

 The Head of Service posited  Lagos State Public Procurement Agency reviewed all projects executed to ensure that MDAs got the necessary sign-off from relevant Agencies of Government for the procurement of good, works and services. She emphasis that the cross checks for sign –off is predicated on the type of project and relevance to the MDAs  .It also benchmarking prices to institute a regime of prudence, reducing the overall cost of governance, saving money for government and ensuring value for money, with emphasis on benchmarking the prices of items as obtained from market survey and price bulletins from the Lagos Bureau of Statistics

She said the Agency organized a 3- day procurement planning clinic for procurement officers in Ministries, Departments and Agencies on the implementation of year 2017 Budget. The focus of the clinic was to ensure that all the projects that would be executed by the state Government ware captured and cleared in the procurement plan for the year 2017.

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